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Goose Island 312

Urban Wheat ABV 4.4% 335ml 3.75
  • Creamy, smooth and fabulously refreshing. Cascade hops lend a spicy twang. Designed to cool down the heat of the big city but woks just as well in Bardfield.

Vedett Extra

Blond Pilsener ABV 5.2% 330ml 3.35
  • A crisp, vibrant pilsener with lots of attitude. The craft and cult beer of Belgium.


Pilsener ABV 5.0% 500ml 4.95
  • Golden blond and sparklingly refreshing pilsener. A proper spot-hitter in a big 500ml bottle.

West Brewery

St Mungo Lager ABV 4.9% 330ml 3.30
  • Munich-style lager beer brewed in Glasgow – crisp and clean as a whistle. A fabulous Glasgow glass of beer.

Brooklyn Lager

ABV 5.2% 355ml 3.75
  • An absolute classic – New York’s “hometown” beer. Dryhopped with bags of flavour but fresh, easy drinking and approachable.

Goose Island

Honkers Ale ABV 4.3% 355ml 3.75
  • A very fine Chicago take on an English style bitter. Hoppy, fruity, malty – irresistible. Bet you won’t stop at one!

Belhaven Speyside

Oak Aged Blonde Ale ABV 6.5% 330ML 3.75
  • A smooth, full-bodied golden ale from Belhaven, with rich oak and whisky notes. The malt whiskies of Speyside are world famous for their sweetness and elegance – giving this outstanding beer poise and finesse as well as depth as the beer is aged in Speyside whisky oak barrels.